22 Feb

Competition Entrants

SportPAD allows instant allocation of entrants to competitions and auto generation of divisions. The competition entrant’s page lists all available entrants and current entrants side by side with an instant search field.

Adding Entrants: To add an entrant to a competitions find the appropriate team in the ‘available entrant’s’ column or use the instant search. Once you have found the team, click them once and they will transfer instantly to the ‘current entrant’s’ column.

Deleting Entrants: Clicking the cross icon on any current entrant will remove them from the competition. Please note you can only remove entrants that are not assigned to a division as this would impact on fixtures.

Adding Temporary entrants: Temporary Entrants can also be added to a competition. This is useful when wanting to generate divisions and fixtures before entrants have signed up. It can also be used to replace entrants who drop out before a replacement can be found.

To add a temporary entrant’s click the ‘Temporary Team’ button, this will pop up a box where you can name your temporary team. Once added they can be swapped with your replacement when ready.

Swapping Entrants: Competition entrants can be swapped at any time using the swap button on the current entrant. This will highlight the entrant, you can then select the entrant you would like to replace them with from the list of available entrants in the same way you add a new entrant. The new entrant will replace the old one in all tables and fixtures for the appropriate division. They will also inherit all results for games already played.

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